Other Skills

Other Skills

While my career focus and expertise is on user interface and experience design, I also have a broad skill set that includes graphic design, illustration, building functional game & web interfaces, video & sound editing, motion graphics and prototype building. This T-shaped skillset has allowed me to not only plan, but execute on my designs as well. Here are a few examples of some of the things I've created over the years.

Visual Design

Every now and then I get opportunities to do visual design work outside of actual game development. Here are some examples of illustrations, posters, logos, t-shirts and other designs I have had the opportunity to create.

Functional Prototyping

Sometimes, you never know how a feature is going to feel until after you've gotten it in your hands and had a chance to give it a test drive. Occasionally, the best way to learn about your design is to get it in the hands of someone else and observe them using it. Here are some video captures of functional prototypes I have created or contributed to.

Motion Tests

On occasion, I will build a motion test to prove out a concept before we commit to it in development. Sometimes these video tests are a way to quickly experiment and develop an animation plan before building it in-game.